Meet Challenge Finalists, Companions & Sponsors at the HBPExpo

Going to the HPBExpo in Orlando March 13-16? Check out the booths of the Wooden Stove Layout Problem finalists and fulfill some of the Organizers. John Ackerly &amp Melissa Bollman from the Alliance for Green Warmth will be there as nicely as David Agrell from Well-liked Mechanics, the lead media sponsor.

(Notice: Competition with booths at the Expo will not automatically be exhibiting their stoves designs for the Wooden Stove Layout Problem.)

HWAM: Team Captain Steve Rhoades will be attending. &nbsp
Kimberly: Team Captain Roger Lehet could attend.
SmartStove: Group Captain Dan McFarland will be attending.
Travis: Booth #2731, 5151
Tulikivi: Booth #2235. Team Captain Jeremy Johnson will be attending right up until midday on the 13th.
Blaze King: Booth #1901
Schott Robax: Booth #2523

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If you strategy on heading to the Expo and would like to satisfy up, please get in contact with us through the e mail addresses previously mentioned. Many thanks!&nbsp
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Wooden Stoves and the New EPA Soot Rule

Alliance for Environmentally friendly Heat, December 17, 2012 – The new soot policies declared by the EPA on December fourteen demand a 20% reduction in allowed particulate subject to twelve micrograms for every cubic meter yearly, which might make it harder for counties with excessive wood stove smoke to comply with federal air good quality expectations. &nbspHowever, the present 24 hour standard of 35 micrograms per cubic meter remains unchanged, which is far more very likely the normal implicated by wooden smoke.

Alongside with cars and power vegetation, wooden stoves are one particular of the contributors to inadequate air high quality in some of the counties going through non-attainment of federal requirements. “Wood stoves keep on to generate as well considerably smoke partly due to the fact the EPA has failed to comply with the Thoroughly clean Air Act and has not current emission requirements for a quarter of a century. The Clear Air Act says the EPA must overview specifications each and every eight years,” said John Ackerly, President of the Alliance for Green Heat. In addition, incentives for renewable vitality technologies have not centered on the cleanest wooden units, like pellet stoves, as they have in Europe.

The Alliance for Environmentally friendly Heat noted previously in July that the EPA projected this common could press 6 a lot more counties into non-attainment by 2020. The list provided counties in California, Arizona, Michigan, and Alabama, as effectively as Lincoln County in Montana in which a well-known wooden stove alter out program took area in the community of Libby amongst 2005-2008. Epidemiology professor Curtis Noonan, who has analyzed the Libby adjust out program extensively, said in July that Libby could be in risk of getting to be a non-attainment county in 2012 if the restrict was set to 12 micrograms.

As of very last Friday, December 14, 2012, the EPA has considering that changed its projections of what counties are probably to not satisfy the new regular by 2020. Lincoln County, Montana and a number of other folks detailed in July seem to have fallen off the possible non-attainment list while much more have been additional. The complete now stands at seven counties, all of which are located in Southern California.

States will be required to make region designation tips by December 2013 with closing designations from EPA because of out in December 2014.&nbsp Implementation plans are scheduled for 2018 with the aim of attainment by 2020.&nbsp

The EPA has numerous air top quality requirements for wonderful particulate subject pollution (PM2.five), which is at times referred to as soot.&nbsp In addition to the not too long ago current annual common of twelve micrograms for every yr, the EPA also has a 24 hour PM2.5 common of 35 micrograms for each cubic meter, previous up to date in 2006. Wood smoke is most likely to have a considerably better effect on the 24 hour common violations than the annual one, and there are in excess of 100 counties that are in non-attainment of the 24 hour common as of December 14, 2012.
To see the sources of once-a-year PM2.five emissions in your condition or county, pay a visit to:

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Federal Tax Credit rating for Wooden Stoves Reinstated and Retroactive

Alliance for Inexperienced Warmth, January two, 2013 – Yesterday, Congress passed a bill addressing parts of the Fiscal Cliff, and it integrated a reinstatement of the $ 300 tax credit score for biomass heaters that are seventy five% effective utilizing reduce heating worth. Yet another provision of the bill prolonged the wind creation tax credit score for one particular more 12 months.

The biomass stove provision makes it possible for the total cost of the products and installation up to $ three hundred&nbspfor stoves purchased in 2013 and it is retroactive, so that all eligible stoves purchased in 2012 can also get the credit. This signifies that each and every stove obtain will be ready to gather the entire $ 300 tax credit rating due to the fact all EPA accredited stoves value far more than $ three hundred and practically every single EPA qualified stove promises to satisfy the seventy five% effectiveness threshold. Even so, a taxpayer could not gather the complete $ 300 if they have presently recieved tax credits underneath this provision in preceding years and the complete amount would be over $ five hundred.

This credit score was permitted to expire at the end of 2011 and H.R. 8 extends it through December 31, 2013.&nbspIn addition to the obtain price tag, buyers can incorporate the price of professional installation which is important to the correct and risk-free procedure of biomass stoves.

The monthly bill language that helps make it retroactive did so by just extending the credit score that existed in 2011, by way of &nbspDecember 31, 2013:

SEC. 401. EXTENSION OF Credit score FOR Power-Efficient Present Homes.
(a) IN General.—Paragraph (two) of part 25C(g) is amended by putting ‘‘December 31, 2011’’ and inserting ‘‘December 31, 2013’’.

The Alliance for Green Heat applauds the reinstatement of the tax credit history for wood and pellet stoves. “This modest tax credit rating is crucial for reduced and middle-earnings buyers who need to have an inexpensive option to fossil fuels,” explained John Ackerly, President of the Alliance for Eco-friendly Warmth.

“Nevertheless, when tax payer funds is utilised for incentives, we feel it need to go to the cleanest and most productive stoves on the industry, not all stoves on the showroom floor. The 75% efficiency standard is nearly meaningless simply because manufacturers can use any number of calculations to render all stoves eligible.This is a disservice to buyers who may possibly unwittingly get a fifty% or sixty% efficient wood or pellet stove and not enjoy the expense financial savings they predicted,” Ackerly stated.

The provision relating to biomass heating gear is component of a much bigger deal of power performance gear. &nbspDespite attempts by some to improve the highest rebate volume and make other modifications to the biomass gear and all the other items of gear, Congress just extended the language that Congress experienced authorized in 2010.

This tax credit score extension for strength efficiency gear, which includes windows, insulation and other HVAC tools, is estimated to expense the US government $ 2.two billion bucks. &nbspThe Alliance is trying to get the precise quantity that the biomass heating products expenses.

More particulars about the tax credit score will be incorporated in the Alliance for Green Heat’s January e-newsletter, which will be despatched following week.
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Teams Press EPA for Action on NSPS

Alliance for Green Warmth, January 4, 2013 – A variety of companies have been formally weighing in with the EPA effectively ahead of the considerably anticipated ninety day comment period that starts when the New Source Overall performance Specifications (NSPS) is ultimately printed in the Federal Sign-up. To be reasonable, the companies are largely contacting on the EPA to go a lot quicker and finalize the NSPS, but they also contain several substantive recommendations for the NSPS.

Letters from the American Lung Affiliation (ALA), the Financial Council of States and NESCAUM and WESTAR can be publicly identified on the internet, but significantly far more thorough tips and lobbying amongst HPBA, ALA, NESCAUM, states and EPA is not extremely clear. An tremendous volume of interaction, positioning, upper body pounding and all other method of persuasiveness has intensified this slide as the EPA has re-opened the doorway for shifting the draft NSPS. The final we read, the NSPS was heading to OMB in January, and they would evaluation it for 90 times ahead of publishing it in the spring.
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Fuel Switching: Oil to Wooden Has Largest Carbon Reward

Alliance for Environmentally friendly Heat, January 4, 2013 – Switching to wooden heating is an successful and inexpensive way to decrease a family’s carbon footprint. One particular wood stove can lessen as a lot carbon as a typical solar PV program for much less than 1/6th of the cost. Below are approximated carbon emissions personal savings for a common Mid-Atlantic family switching to 60% wooden warmth, making use of EIA and EPA figures:

Switching From…
Metric Tons COtwo&nbspSaved/Yr Per Wood Stove
Normal Gasoline

Present gas oil customers advantage the most from switching to wood heat, preserving practically four tons of carbon dioxide each and every calendar year – which is the equal to getting a auto off the road for nine months! Property owners who use wooden to go over all of their home’s heating demands – large-effectiveness pellet stove end users, for instance – can preserve even far more: up to six.five tons of carbon dioxide a calendar year.
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New Hampshire Moves In direction of On-Invoice Financing for Biomass Heating

Two NH electrical utilities are now making obtainable on-bill funding of renewable vitality systems, which includes higher effectiveness pellet heating methods, at really eye-catching phrases. General public Support of NH and Unitil, which together provide eighty five% of NH ratepayers, administer a system known as Property Functionality with Energy STAR, that makes it possible for substantial effectiveness wooden pellet boilers to qualify for on-monthly bill financing beneath certain circumstances. Terms of the financing are % curiosity for up to 7 a long time and up to $ seven,five hundred. The source of money for these mortgage applications is method rewards charges and Regional Greenhouse Fuel Initiative resources administered in help of vitality effectiveness plans by the utilities, and funded by electrical ratepayers.

Far more details on the PSNH plan is accessible below and right here, and a lot more details on Unitil’s software is accessible here. The PSNH and Unitil programs mirror a extremely constructive trend amid electric utilities towards much more fuel and technologies neutral power assistance plans for their electrical clients.
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Beware of Ads for ninety nine% Successful Wood Boilers

Alliance for Environmentally friendly Warmth, January 7, 2013 – Each situation of Mother Earth News, a journal that caters to the granola, Birkenstock and organic vegetable group, also carries numerous adverts from outside and indoor biomass boiler firms. The Alliance for Eco-friendly Heat has regularly place the spotlight on outlandish promises by numerous manufacturers. This month we characteristic Kuuma who is advertising “ninety nine.4% comb. effectiveness” wood burning furnace “analyzed by EPA Licensed Lab-Intertek Tests.” The December/January problem of the magazine also has an half-website page ad from Central Boiler stating that their E-Basic “calls for up to 70% much less wood than other wood-burning appliances.”

Exaggerated efficiency promises have turn into virtually commonplace in the boiler and stove sector, taking advantage of shoppers who don’t know that there is no typically approved way to publicize performance any far more. 1 rule of thumb: Beware of any equipment declaring 99% efficiency. Any assert of effectiveness in the higher 90s is most likely combustion effectiveness, not thermal effectiveness – the quantity of valuable heat developed by the device. &nbspCombustion efficiency has no bearing on the beneficial heat a unit generates which is why almost all stoves, boilers and furnaces companies advertise thermal efficiency. &nbspThe most productive wood stove, employing EPA approved efficiency regular is 82%, and the most efficient boilers making use of that same common are probably below 90%.

We at the Alliance for Green Warmth applaud Mom Earth News for constantly great editorial protection of wood heating, partly thanks to their contributing editor John Gulland, and we comprehend that they aren’t responsible for promises produced by advertisers. (We also enjoy granola, organic and natural greens, property-baked bread, and so forth. Birkenstock – not so much.)

Update: See the comments area below for a reaction from a Kuuma consultant. &nbspKuuma has a bit transformed their advert to say “combustion” instead of “comb.” which buyers could believe indicates combined efficiency. &nbsp Kuuma is nevertheless 1 of the only boiler or furnace manufacturers who advertises their combustion effectiveness which many buyers confuse with thermal efficiency.

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In Race to Develop Cleaner Wood Stove, sixteenth and twenty first Hundreds of years Collide

&nbspAlliance for Inexperienced Warmth, January 16, 2013 – A wood stove design competition to be held on the National Mall in DC this November is pitting 16th century designs against microchip-controlled automation. And it is not distinct who will earn.

“The wood stove has turn into of icon of tradition,” stated John Ackerly, President of the Alliance for Eco-friendly Warmth. “But the concern is, can microprocessors deliver far cleaner and far more successful wooden warmth at a really reasonably priced price?”

For most People in america, thoroughly clean renewable energy conjures up pictures of solar panels and wind turbines – not wooden stoves and furnaces. But that could adjust. “This competitors could generate technology so persistently thoroughly clean that wood can become a prime tier renewable like photo voltaic,” Ackerly stated, whose group is web hosting the competitiveness.

Eight of the 32 entries are innovations on masonry heaters, a technologies created in the sixteenth century when wooden charges soared in Europe. These heaters are acknowledged for their capacity to successfully retailer and radiate heat for hours following the original fire goes out. Even so, they have a tendency to be costly and might get rid of points in the affordability category.

Five of the stoves are automatic, utilizing oxygen sensors and thermostats to control some or all of the combustion. Some make their possess electric power whilst other people need it to operate their automatic controls. Some can recharge cell telephones and be operated by wise telephones.

Three of the stoves are technically boilers which deliver h2o to warmth other rooms in the house, but appear like typical dwelling area wooden stoves. Seven of the stoves are downdraft designs, that means the flames are sucked down throughout the combustion process, which can result in incredibly low emissions. Other patterns don’t effortlessly fit into any solitary class simply because they include several progressive functions or are just really unique. 8 of the stoves are previously in shops, vying for recognition and market share.

With a number of exceptions, most teams come from North America and Europe, the place the race to deploy renewable power heating tools is creating momentum. Later on this thirty day period, nine judges symbolizing universities, institutions and authorities companies will slim down the 32 entries into 12-sixteen finalists that will be rigorously examined by qualified stove technicians until an all round winner is picked. Funding for the competitors comes from federal government agencies, foundations and sponsors.

“The historical past of wood heating is not usually a linear progression towards cleaner and much more productive styles,” stated Ackerly, who designed the competitiveness with university pal Jim Meigs, now Editor-in-Chief of Common Mechanics. “The pellet stove, invented in the U.S. in 1973, was a excellent leap in the heritage of cleaner wood heating. A related leap is necessary with twine wooden, and when the appropriate technological innovation meets the appropriate cost, we could see a renaissance in wood heating,” Ackerly said.

To understand far more about the Wooden Stove Style Challenge, go to:
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Wood Stove Layout Challenge Judges Take a look at Gear, Select Finalists

Alliance for Eco-friendly Heat, January 24, 2013 – The previous two times have been interesting ones for the Alliance for Green Heat and the relaxation of the Wooden Stove Design and style Problem staff, as 8 of the judges met at DOE’s Brookhaven Countrywide Laboratory to prepare for the Wood Stove Decathlon set for afterwards this 12 months.&nbsp

Judges analyze testing tools in the lab

Numerous of the Design and style Challenge judges achieved in particular person for the 1st time at the authorities laboratory on Lengthy Island, New York. Even though many of them experienced distinct individual and institutional reasons for taking part in the Obstacle, they all concur with a fundamental premise: that wood stoves need to have to operate cleaner in the actual entire world and design and style changes can make that happen.

Throughout the two day conference, judges reviewed scores of modern patterns from 32 applications and examined a piece of model new German wooden equipment screening equipment that will most likely be employed to choose entries at the Wooden Stove Decathlon to be held this November in Washington DC. The DOE Brookhaven Lab also hosted a webinar to review this new solution, the Wohler SM five hundred particle analyzer, with customers of NYSERDA, the Environmental Defense Agency and key sector leaders.

More data on testing at the Decathlon will be forthcoming, and the fourteen finalists for the competitiveness will be introduced following 7 days. As mentioned in our latest Challenge blogpost, this competition could be a struggle in between sixteenth and 21st century types, with no clear thought about who the winners will be.

Stay up to day on all Wooden Stove Style Challenge news by connecting with the Alliance for Environmentally friendly Warmth on Facebook or subscribing to our cost-free regular monthly newsletter.

Far more info on the Problem is available at
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Utah Adopts Innovative Outside Boiler Rules

Alliance for Environmentally friendly Warmth, February 11, 2013 – A last moment attempt by a producer to derail new outside boiler rules in Utah unsuccessful. The State’s Air Good quality Board handed progressive and well balanced restrictions that permit the installation of EPA experienced outdoor boilers in rural counties but ban them in populated counties that do not satisfy federal air top quality specifications. The laws will just take influence this spring.

This can make Utah the latest in a string of states to control the out of doors wood boiler, the most polluting household wood heating technological innovation on the market place. &nbspUtah went additional than most states, banning their set up in locations that already have very poor air good quality and the place about 2 million out of Utah’s two.eight million populace lives.

Utah is now the only state to undertake an installation ban on out of doors wooden boilers in significantly of the condition, but nonetheless enable their use in rural places. Washington and Oregon have restrictions that effectively banned outside boilers in the whole point out. Other states only regulate exactly where they can be mounted by way of residence line setbacks.

Several states require boilers to be set back again at least 50 feet from the nearest residence line. New York and now Utah demand 100 feet. Maryland and Rhode Island are the only states with laws restricting installs to EPA competent units that have no property line established backs.

An revolutionary attribute of the Utah regulations addresses homes that currently have outside wood boilers and now fall in the area in which they are banned from installation. Those units are grandfathered, but people dwelling in the banned counties can put in another outside boiler in the future as long as it runs on pellets and is EPA certified.

The regulations also call for a one,000 toes setback from a college, working day treatment center or hospital, which may possibly be the strictest this kind of clause in the place. The maps underneath demonstrate the correlation amongst populace density and the non-attainment places in Utah.

Central Boiler fought towards Utah’s new restrictions arguing that the rule “lacks scientific help and would unfairly prohibit Utah people from acquiring and making use of thoroughly clean-burning wooden furnaces.” A main thrust of Central Boilers argument is that Period 2 boilers “are cleaner than EPA qualified wood stoves.” Especially they claim “average emissions for a Period two OHH [out of doors hydraulic heater, an additional name for out of doors wood boiler] are 77% much less than people from EPA-Licensed wood stoves.” The complete submission by Central Boiler can be discovered listed here.

The Alliance for Inexperienced Heat supports laws in all states that only let the set up of Period 2 competent outdoor boilers and, like Utah, have setbacks or other restrictions to avoid their set up in densely inhabited places.

Click on right here for an overview of state outside boiler regulations.&nbsp
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