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Woodstock Soapstone, Travis and Wittus Win the Wood Stove Decathlon

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FOR Quick Release: November twenty, 2013

Woodstock Soapstone, Travis and Wittus&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Acquire the Wood Stove Decathlon

Catalytic, Masonry and Electronically Managed Stoves Display Higher Final results in Screening

Washington D.C. – In an intercontinental opposition to significantly reduce air pollution from wooden stoves on the Nationwide Shopping mall, a single finalist, Woodstock Soapstone of New Hampshire, gained first prize of $ twenty five,000.&nbspTwo other teams, Travis of Washington State and Wittus of New York, ended up awarded $ 5,000 every.&nbspThe groups were acknowledged for all about performance in performance and emissions, affordability, client appeal and innovation. Associates of Congress Dan Benishek (R-MI), Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), Jared Huffman (D-CA), Paul Tonko (D-NY) took portion in the awards ceremony.

The Woodstock Soapstone Group

In accepting the initial prize of $ twenty five,000, Woodstock Soapstone proprietor Tom Morrissey announced that he was offering portion of the prize cash to two other teams – Walker Stove and Intensi-Fire – who experienced come to the Decathlon on a shoestring and necessary money for their operate. Travis donated their $ five,000 to the Alliance for Green Heat to support shell out for the costs of the Decathlon.

“These award-successful technologies are element of the solution for hundreds of thousands of Us citizens to reduce their reliance on fossil heating fuels,” explained John Ackerly Founder and President of the Alliance for Environmentally friendly Heat, which arranged the Wood Stove Decathlon. “We’d like to thank all the teams for taking part and contributing to an ongoing educational energy to help the US authorities appreciate the likely of cleaner and a lot more successful wood heating,” Ackerly added.

Competitors represented a extensive range of wood stove systems. Two of the best 3 winners had been catalytic hybrid stoves. Whilst the three masonry stoves did not get house prizes, they experienced some of the optimum scores in efficiency and cleanliness. &nbsp

The Wittus Twin Fireplace, that was tied for next prize overall, scored greatest in the performance group. Travis’s Cape Cod Hybrid, which also tied for next total, scored greatest in consumer charm and for minimal carbon monoxide. The Hwam 3630 IHS scored maximum in innovation, with its oxygen sensor and manage device that alerted the customer when and how much wooden to reload. The Woodstock Soapstone, which received the Grand Prize, also received in the affordability group. And the College of Maryland’s stove, the Mulciber, received in the most affordable particulate issue classification.&nbsp

The total ranking of stoves was:













The opposition differed from EPA exams of wooden stoves in numerous essential respects to a lot more intently resemble how consumers use stoves. First, the stoves in the competition ended up analyzed employing cordwood rather of 2x4s and 4x4s. Second, specialists loaded stoves with 12 lbs of wood for each cubic foot of firebox space for the first round of screening, whereas EPA only uses seven kilos of wood for every cubic foot.

Two of the stoves produced little quantities of electrical power and four experienced digital handle systems. Much more in depth analysis will be forthcoming. The main funders of the Wooden Stove Decathlon are NYSERDA, the Osprey Basis, the District of Columbia City Forestry Administration, the US Forest Provider, the West Penn Electrical power Sustainable Energy Fund and the Arbolito Foundation.&nbsp

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The Alliance for Eco-friendly Heat is an unbiased non-earnings that promotes large-efficiency wood heating as a lower-carbon, sustainable and affordable heating answer. The Alliance seeks to make wooden warmth a cleaner and more productive renewable strength alternative, particularly for these who are not able to pay for fossil fuel heat.

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Position of Stoves at Wooden Stove Decathlon

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The Wooden Stove Decathlon judges and professionals have accomplished one particular spherical of emissions and efficiency on 8 out of twelve of the stoves in the opposition. Every single stove will have at minimum two exams and the outcomes will be averaged. (See our previous submit explaining how the stoves in the competition are scored.) If time permits, the judges may choose to do a various variety of check using a cold commence to evaluate start-up emissions on the stoves in competition for 1st area.

As of four:00 PM Sunday 11/17, the quantity one particular stove for low emissions is the Mulciber stove by the College of Maryland. &nbspThe number one particular stove for higher effectiveness is the Wittus Twinfire. &nbspThe total rankings are:

Emissions &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp
1. Un. of Maryland &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
2. Woodstock Soapstone &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
three. Intercontinental &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
four. Wittus Twinfire &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
five. Travis Cape Cod &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
6. Ecolabel Tile Stove &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
7. Hwam
eight. SmartStove
nine. Tulikivi
10. Kimberly
11. Intensifire
twelve. Walker

one.&nbspWittus Twinfire
2. Ecolabel Tile Stove
3. College of Maryland
four. Tulikivi
five. Woodstock Soapstone
six. Travis Cape Cod
7. Intercontinental
8. Hwam
nine. Intensifire
10. Walker
11. SmartStove
12. Kimberly

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How the Stoves are Scored

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Twelve stoves are competing in the Wood Stove Decathlon and the &nbspnine impartial judges give each stove a score of one – ten in 5 different areas.&nbsp The scores of the 9 judges are averaged.&nbsp The 5 scoring regions are similarly weighted.&nbsp The stove with the highest number wins.
Emissions.&nbsp Particulate emissions or smoke is the toughest location to judge.&nbsp The judges are making use of moveable particulate make a difference analyzers that get samples of the smoke and supply a numerical sum of particles that are two.five milligrams or much less.&nbsp&nbsp The judges will goal to check each stove 3 moments and average the results since there can be a margin of mistake on any single examination.&nbsp

Monday, Nov. 11: the tent goes up on the Shopping mall

Emissions samples are taken soon after the stove has began and warmed up in what is acknowledged as a “hot-to-hot” take a look at.&nbsp We do not test the emissions in the course of the twenty-minute start up period, when emissions are the maximum.&nbsp Each and every stove is presented wooden that is the very same humidity content (about twenty%) and is loaded with about 12 lbs of wooden for every cubic foot of firebox quantity.&nbsp
Performance. Efficiency is measured using a “stack loss” approach, which means the temperature in the chimney is monitored to establish how much heat is getting created from the stove and how a lot is becoming wasted by means of the chimney.&nbsp The greater the temperature coming out of the chimney, the reduced the effectiveness as this is heat that did not stay in the house.&nbsp Stoves use many ways to extract heat ahead of it goes up the chimney.&nbsp Exhaust gases are not able to get also low without an exhaust fan, since smoke would not be sizzling adequate to rise, and dampness would condense.&nbsp The greatest recorded efficiencies in EPA accredited wooden stoves are 83%, employing large warmth value (HHV).&nbsp Europeans use lower heat values (LHV), which explains why you see quantities in the high 80s and minimal 90s in their wooden stoves.&nbsp
Innovation. This is a much more subjective spot of scoring by the judges, each and every of whom might give larger priority to specific sorts of innovation.&nbsp Generally, judges are hunting for new engineering or parts that are not regular on present wood stoves. Judges will be looking for how “idiot proof” the stove is, indicating how it decreases possibilities for operator mistake, which can be significant in stoves with manually operated air controls.&nbsp Judges will also be looking for how nicely a stove may possibly be capable to minimize emissions on start off up, mitigate the problem of making use of unseasoned wooden and tackle a lot of other frequent problems that wooden stoves experience.&nbsp
Affordability. Judges are seeking for stoves that are cost-effective to the regular American family and will assess the value of elements of the stove and retail price, if there is one particular.&nbsp Judges could also think about life span price, and give increased marks to stoves that have more time lifespans or stoves that have reduced set up charges. &nbspWorking expenses are primarily mirrored in the performance scoring region.
Buyer charm.Judges will try to assess which stoves will be most eye-catching to customers and have a increased opportunity of wide deployment.&nbsp Attributes that do not effect emissions, performance or even affordability could rating points in this location.&nbsp Relieve of use is crucial listed here, and a stove that recharged a mobile cellphone or run lights could gain details right here, as could a variety of aesthetic characteristics.

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