Innovation and the NSPS Webinar (Total Video clip)

On May nine, 2013, the Alliance for Eco-friendly Heat and the Biomass Thermal Vitality Council (BTEC) co-hosted a webinar with the EPA on how the new wood heater New Source Performance Requirements (NSPS), which may be promulgated as early as 2014, may encourage or discourage innovation in wooden and pellet stoves and boilers. The EPA’s Gil Wooden, Undertaking Lead of the NSPS, offered an explanation of the new wooden heater NSPS and answered attendee concerns that experienced been asked for in advance.

This webinar was&nbsp held in the guide up to the Wooden Stove Layout Challenge, a countrywide competitiveness to promote extremely clean, effective, innovative and affordable cordwood technological innovation. The total recording is under and the slides are available for viewing below.

Introduction: :00 – seven:54.
Presentation by Gil Wood: seven:fifty four – forty six:33.&nbsp
Q&ampA Session: forty six:33 – 1:33:00.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

Heated Up!

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