Prof. Hopke Becomes Judge of Wooden Stove Style Challenge

Professor Philip Hopke, of Clarkson College, has become the 10th judge of the Wood Stove Layout Obstacle. Dr. Hopke is the Bayard D. Clarkson Distinguished Professor at Clarkson, the Director of the Centre for Air Resources Engineering and Science (CARES), and the Director of the Institute for a Sustainable Surroundings (ISE).

For the previous 5 several years, he has been actively researching sound fuel combustion techniques with an emphasis on emissions and performance. “We can get edge of our massive wood methods if it can be burned much more cleanly,” Prof. Hopke explained. Clarkson University is situated in northern New York, surrounded by communities that intensely count on wooden and pellet heating.

As a Jefferson Science Fellow at the U.S. Office of State in 2008-09, he recommended the Department on strategies to assistance the growth of cleaner wood prepare dinner stoves in the creating globe. In that capacity, he also worked with Prof. Kirk Smith of University of California Berkeley who is also a judge in the Wood Stove Design Problem.

Dr. Hopke is also the earlier Chair of EPA’s Clear Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC), and has served on the EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB).

Professor Hopke received his B.S. in Chemistry from Trinity School (Hartford) and his M.A. Ph.D. levels in chemistry from Princeton College and had a post-doctoral appointment at M.I.T

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