Fuel Switching: Oil to Wooden Has Largest Carbon Reward

Alliance for Environmentally friendly Heat, January 4, 2013 – Switching to wooden heating is an successful and inexpensive way to decrease a family’s carbon footprint. One particular wood stove can lessen as a lot carbon as a typical solar PV program for much less than 1/6th of the cost. Below are approximated carbon emissions personal savings for a common Mid-Atlantic family switching to 60% wooden warmth, making use of EIA and EPA figures:

Switching From…
Metric Tons COtwo&nbspSaved/Yr Per Wood Stove
Normal Gasoline

Present gas oil customers advantage the most from switching to wood heat, preserving practically four tons of carbon dioxide each and every calendar year – which is the equal to getting a auto off the road for nine months! Property owners who use wooden to go over all of their home’s heating demands – large-effectiveness pellet stove end users, for instance – can preserve even far more: up to six.five tons of carbon dioxide a calendar year.
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The Washington Put up Receives Black Carbon Tale Incorrect – Once more

A well known story by Juliet Eilperin that ran in the Washington Put up on Jan. fifteen, 2013 stated “wood-fired stoves” had been a single of the greatest contributors to black carbon. The writer, a top-notch strength reporter, did not intend to refer to wood stoves utilized for heating, but that is precisely what several visitors considered. She was covering a report about black carbon that talked about open up burning of biomass and conventional cookstoves as main resources of black carbon.

A 12 months back, the Washington Publish produced the exact same error. On January twelve, 2012, a storyco-created by Eilperin referred to “reducing wood-burning stoves” as one way to reduce black carbon and help gradual global weather adjust. Yet again, she was analyzing a review that talked about the affect of wooden cookstoves in the developing entire world.
The two issues could rarely be much more reverse. A single is a trigger of black carbon and weather adjust (not to point out rampant deforestation, and many others.) and the other can be an superb renewable power resource that minimizes fossil fuel use and mitigates climate alter.
An EPA research located that only about three% of all the black carbon emitted from the U.S. will come from wooden stoves, and individuals are largely the older, non-EPA accredited appliances. Modern wooden and pellet stoves emit nearly no black carbon.
(The Alliance for Inexperienced Heat contacted Ms. Eilperin and had a very effective dialogue. She urged the editors to publish our letter to the editor, but they did not do so.)

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