Meet up with the Contestants Hiisi

With the 1st Wooden Stove Decathlononly a few months absent, we are profiling the remaining teams in the competition.&nbspTake this possibility to understand a lot more about the layout teams and their stove’s innovative features.
“It’s so Hiisi, anyone can do it!” The Finnish stove is promoted as simple to use, inspiring the homonymic title Hiisi. The Hiisi is Finnish company’s Tulikivi‘s smallest hybrid heat-retaining fireplace and is specifically well suited to contemporary low vitality construction assignments. The upcoming 2015 wooden emissions limits in Germany has challenged Tulikivi engineers and innovators to satisfy the large requirements. Right after years of improvement the stove is ready meet the world’s tightest emissions expectations established for 2015 and to compete in the Wood Stove Decathlon this November.
Lab technician Onni Ovaskainen and a Hiisi prototype
The Hiisi differs from standard place-heating stoves in that standard wood stoves are not generally warmth-retaining units. The Hiisi’s heat-retaining soapstone releases warmth much more gradually, and in the sort of gentle, pleasant radiant warmth and it can warmth water. This is a main style level because this stove will not over heat new energy successful homes. These sorts of properties are quickly turning out to be the norm so Tulikivi has labored to decrease the convection heat into the place utilizing thermal radiation and a double glass door. In spite of its compact dimensions, the Hiisi is a hybrid fireplace, indicating that each pellets and wooden can be burned in their firebox without the want for any further tools, equipment or even electric power.
The product that Tulikivi is bringing to Washington D.C. has already been offered in Europe for the past five months. Only getting a brief pause to celebrate Hiisi’s accomplishment, Tulikivi is getting completely ready to start the subsequent generation of Hiisi models this coming January. The new model claims to burn even cleaner than the original.
Tulikivi hopes that their Hiisi stove will support advertise the positive aspects of household biomass heating. They operate challenging to make certain that consumers are informed of these benefits. While marketing these masonry heaters in the US, Tulikivi educates their shoppers of the extended custom of masonry heating and the pros and cons of thermal mass radiant warmth compared to dry scorching convection warmth. More than the past two many years, insight from shoppers and Tulikivi’s importer network has led to developmental and design adjustments to get the search and come to feel of the Hiisi just correct.

We are searching ahead to seeing Hiisi in action at the Wooden Stove DecathlonNovember 16-19, 2013. Vote for your preferred stove at Popular Mechanics.&nbsp

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Meet the Contestants The Cape Cod

With the initial Wood Stove Decathlon only a few months away, we are undertaking&nbspa weekly blog submit to showcase the Decathlon rivals. Take this prospect to understand more about the design and style teams and their stove’s modern characteristics.&nbsp
The Cape Cod is a powerhouse stove, weighing in at practically 600 lbs with a 3 cubic foot firebox. The Cape Cod has been officially accredited by the EPA as a thoroughly clean-burning large freestanding wood stove. Managing at in excess of eighty% efficiency and with only .forty five grams of emissions per hour, the Cape Cod generates an extremely thoroughly clean burn up. This clean burn up arrives from the blend of Lopi’s innovative secondary combustion program along with catalytic support to generate the special Hybrid-Fyre™ technological innovation that can make this stove operate so efficiently.&nbsp
President of Travis Industries, Kurt Rumens, together with Cape Cod designer, Alan Atemboski, designed the Cape Cod with the mindset to produce the long term of wooden stoves. With the business often progressing, they needed to established Travis Industries aside with a product that would generate a new standard in wooden stove layout, one thing that had not been accomplished just before. They figured out a harmony in between the secondary combustion and catalytic methods so that when blended, it designed the ideal of the two technologies. The hybrid of emissions creates the cleanest burn off, providing it the title Hybrid-Fyre™. With in excess of two years of in depth analysis and exercise, they created the cleanse-burning massive freestanding wooden stove registered by the EPA, and in December of 2012 the Lopi Cape Cod was born.&nbsp
The Cape Cod comes with numerous top quality functions, but 1 that can make it much more effective is the GreenStart igniter method. This new method enables the Cape Cod to be started in seconds with the press of a button.&nbsp
So significantly, the Cape Cod has been a accomplishment with its excessive performance, powerful warmth output and modern forged iron design. It has been named the winner of three prestigious Vesta Awards, like Ideal New Wood Stove, Best of Demonstrate- Fireplace Product, and the Environmentally friendly Award.&nbsp
From modest starting of its first wooden stove built in 1979, Travis Industries is now the premier privately-owned wooden, pellet and gasoline stove, insert and fireplace firm in The us, making substantial-top quality American-manufactured products.&nbsp
We are looking forward to viewing the Cape Cod in action at the Wood Stove Decathlon November sixteen-19, 2013. Vote for your favorite stove at Common Mechanics.&nbsp

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Meet up with the Contestants Firemaster

With the 1st Wood Stove Decathlononly a few months absent, we are doing&nbspa weekly site post to showcase the Decathlon rivals. Take this prospect to understand a lot more about the teams and their stove’s revolutionary attributes.
Jason Stewart is bringing a stove to the Decathlon with a new feature that he thinks can support clear up countless numbers of older stoves. The IntensiFireis a down draft insert that can be retrofitted to almost any wood stove. The down draft redirects unburned gases back into the sizzling coal mattress, to reignite and preserve warmth. This also can make far more efficient use of the gas. And, a far more complete combustion of the smoke also helps to lessen emissions by burning smoke particulates that or else would have been released into the environment.
The insert is considerably cheaper to manufacture and to install when compared to the cost of a comprehensive wooden stove. Its versatility to be retrofitted to several variations of wooden stoves tends to make the Intensifire a practical selection in many scenarios.
Stewart discovered himself in these kinds of a situation with an old wood stove that supposedly was to warmth his rental home. The outdated clunker smoked terribly, with wasted heat climbing up the flue. The landlord would not change it and Stewart was not allowed to make any significant modifications. With some tinkering, Stewart merely prolonged the flue into the firebox to generate a down draft. It labored so properly, Stewart was ready to boost up to 60% of the previous stove’s heat performance. The achievement of his invention shocked perhaps even himself, and Stewart made a decision to pause his pursuit of an Architecture Degree and start the IntensiFire business.
Numerous versions later on, Stewart is gearing up for the Decathlon and increasing his industry to the United States. This further extends Stewart’s motivation to protecting the atmosphere. In 2009, he sailed about New Zealand as a volunteer on Earthrace, a boat run on biodiesel, to highlight essential environmental concerns. The next calendar year, he when once more boarded Earthrace, renamed Ady Gil, to oppose Japanese whaling.
The biggest issue opposing Stewart now is the financial charges to attend the Decathlon. Stewart have to ship himself and his IntensiFire from New Zealand to Washington DC. &nbspIf you are ready to aid Stewart reach his goals, he can be contacted below.
We are hunting ahead to observing IntensiFire in motion at the Wood Stove DecathlonNovember 16-19, 2013. Vote for your favored stove at Common Mechanics.

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Satisfy the Contestants Intercontinental

With the 1st Wood Stove Decathlononly a number of months absent, the Alliance for Environmentally friendly Heat&nbspis doing sta weekly weblog&nbspto showcase the Decathlon competitors. Consider this prospect to learn a lot more about the layout groups and their stove’s modern attributes.
Rod Zander of New England Hearth and Soapstone, has labored with masonry stoves for decades. He received knowledgeable in the inside mechanics of masonry stoves via several worldwide apprenticeships. Among the nation’s foremost experts on masonry heat, Zander has taken this knowledge to create a quite exclusive stove that will contend in the Wood Stove Decathlon.
Possibly aspiring to reach the worldwide market, the competing stove has been named Intercontinental 2B4W. Surely, its innovative functions make the stove appealing no matter of which continent you are on. The stove is an fascinating new kind of masonry stove that can be developed from recycled materials. The recycled components not only support lessen squander, but save equally the company and consumer income. These conveniently accessible resources can simply be assembled with regional labor slicing charges even more. It is hoped that these stoves will have a actual software in establishing nations, in which other fuel sources are way too expensive and existing stoves are way too polluting.
The type of the stove is composed of two employed metal oil drums stacked on leading of every single other. The symbolism of the oil drums is not lost on the stove designers. The use of an antiquated gas source’s containers expresses the continuous change toward renewable strength.
The warmth is stored in high-density firebrick, which then radiates from 12-24 several hours from 22 pounds of wooden, fired two occasions a day at a higher burn price. This gradual radiating warmth follows the style concept of a lot of masonry stoves. &nbsp
With a computer combustion management program from sponsor ClearStak LLC and an oxygen lambda sensor from ETAS, operator mistake decreases so that the proprietor utilizes considerably less wooden for far more warmth. This improve in effectiveness assists lower the emissions of smoke particulates.
We are hunting ahead to observing Intercontinental in motion at the Wooden Stove DecathlonNovember 16-19, 2013. Vote for your favorite stove at Popular Mechanics.

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Meet up with the Contestants The Wittus Twinfire

With the very first Wooden Stove Decathlon only a number of months absent, we are profiling every single of the teams.&nbspLearn a lot more about how they hope to win the competition!

Wittus – Fire by Style has entered into the Decathlon their EPA accredited Twinfire stove. The stove was initially designed by two German engineers to generate an efficient burning technique and offset air air pollution in creating international locations. It uses a patented double combustion chamber to optimize its performance via gasification, a approach that superheats wood gas to attain a claimed ninety three% productive wooden burning potential. The upper chamber is the principal firebox employed to develop and tend the hearth. The decrease chamber is the exterminator that burns any remaining ash down to bits.

The Twinfire stands in a lengthy line of Wittus merchandise that are devoted to substantial effectiveness, lower emissions, and an desirable style. The Twinfire has won several prestigious European awards which includes the German Land of Ideas award in 2012. Founder Niels Wittus values the good quality of these stoves and strives to create intelligent stove types to preserve a healthier atmosphere. Maybe his history and enthusiasm for cooking has introduced the health and detail oriented attitude to picking the very best components to making a prime quality wood stove.

In Denmark, Wittus was established to apprentice at a large-scale cafe, but soon after a vacation to the US, he made a decision to remain. More than thirty years afterwards, Wittus is keeping the Danish brændeovn or wood stove custom alive, combining it with the contemporary fashion and state-of-the-art technologies of an American businessman.

Even with the busy plan, challenging operate, and resulting achievement, Wittus even now holds on to his enthusiasm for cooking. At business gatherings and dinners, he treats his staff users, Bodo Specht, Alyce Wittus, Sandra Lena, Patti Boker Elkon, and Gail Jankus to some wooden hearth grilling.

We are hunting forward to viewing the Wittus Twinfire in motion at the Wood Stove Decathlon November sixteen-19, 2013. Vote for your favorite stove at Popular Mechanics.

Below is a hyperlink to a movie of the Twinfire in motion.

Sources include the&nbspLewisboro Daily Voice

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Meet the Contestants Woodstock Soapstone

With the initial Wood Stove Decathlononly a number of months absent, we are carrying out a weekly blog to showcase the Decathlon competition. Take this prospect to discover more about the design and style groups and their stove’s modern features.

“When we started out, stoves were fundamentally 6-sided boxes, and you set a fire in it. Now we’re making equipment, with a good deal of moving parts. The technological innovation is much greater and increasing speedily,” explained Tom Morrissey, operator of Woodstock Soapstone Co. in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, which has been developing cordwood-burning stoves for 35 a long time. For the Decathlon Woodstock Soapstone has entered their Union Hybrid stove.

Design Crew (clockwise from lower left) Jason Guimaraes, Lorin Day, Harold Garabedian, Larry Youthful, Tom Morrissey, Ken Blum, Lewis Thibodeau, lacking: Dan Batchelder &amp Kristie Haupt
The stove includes a lot of technological factors that make it a robust competitor in this year’s Decathlon. It uses an superior hybrid combustion design and style incorporating equally catalyst and secondary combustion. It has variable and self-regulating air/gas ratio in get to optimize combustion efficiency and decrease emissions at all burn prices. Also, the soapstone human body helps radiate warmth for substantial heat transfer performance.
“We are primarily creating a gasification stove,” he stated, “If you appear at this point when it is burning, the hearth does not look like what you would feel of as a wooden fireplace. The total leading of firebox is like an inverted gasoline burner there are one hundred twenty holes with a tube of flame coming out of every one particular.”
In development at Woodstock Soapstone are two beta-take a look at modules: a Thermoelectric Module and a remote Woodstove Monitor. The module powers a small fan that helps with heat transfer. The electricity made could also be used to charge a mobile cellphone or LED mild.
Consumer responsibility and effectiveness are essential to an effective and minimal emission wood stove. Personal computers have mainly cut out the need for a human operator in a lot of technological fields, but Woodstock Soapstone hopes to stay away from the added expense of computer controls. Instead, they will use a distant Woodstove Keep track of. It will provide actual-time feedback on burn off price, BTU output, performance, emissions, and stove temperatures.
“Burning wood without this information is like driving a auto with out a speedometer and gas gauge,” stated Morrissey. Realizing this information will assist stove house owners use their stoves more responsibly and properly.
“Ten a long time in the past, you could never think about obtaining a small laptop on the stove. If you have been in a small sector like ours, you could not dream of having a graphic-consumer- interface, but now it’s obtainable and inexpensive,” Morrissey stated.&nbspThe Union Hybrid stove, with its 21st&nbspcentury engineering and effectiveness and emissions abilities, is undoubtedly a considerably cry from a six-sided box with a hearth in it.
We are hunting ahead to viewing Woodstock Soapstone’s Intercontinental in action at the&nbspWood Stove Decathlon&nbspNovember 16-19, 2013. Vote for your favorite stove at&nbspPopular Mechanics.

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Meet the Contestants HWAM

With the first Wooden Stove Decathlononly a few months absent, we below at the Alliance for Environmentally friendly Heat have commenced a weekly site to showcase the Decathlon opponents. Take this opportunity to learn far more about the style teams and their stove’s revolutionary attributes.
1 of the European finalists of the Decathlon is the recently created HWAM 3630 IHSfrom the Danish company HWAM. The stove is operate by an oxygen sensor and laptop, and even beeps when it is the optimum time to reload much more wood. This is one particular of the finalists that is presently on the marketplace for a retail value of $
HWAM has experienced a longstanding ambition to build a far more intelligent stove to heighten the technological stage of its merchandise. Helping the customer melt away wooden with nominal attention to the stove and no expertise necessary, although reaching the exact same final results at home that are obtained in test labs under best problems are key to their innovation philosophy.

HWAM founder Vagn Hvam Pedersen is the top innovative and technical mind powering the stove. He has outfitted the stove with sophisticated technological innovation and a modern, modern European design and style. For the Hvam Pederson family members the stove is the center stage of the property for the family to get in convenience and warmth. Hvam Pedersen created the loved ones owned enterprise from the ground up until it ignited to become an internationally renowned business.

Movie&nbspof HWAM
IHS characteristics
The innovation behind the HWAM 3630 IHS rests in the Autopilot Intelligent Heat Technique (IHS). This system permits for exact manage above the stove’s combustion and temperature. The method makes use of a lambda oxygen sensor and a thermocouple to electronically evaluate combustion situations. These measurements are then sent to a laptop that immediately regulates a few unbiased enthusiasts to manage airflow for ideal combustion. The temperature of the fireplace might also be controlled by means of a distant handle, as the supporters change their speed accordingly.
The benefit for the consumer to have IHS is that an the best possible burn off indicates the most productive use of firewood. This places significantly less of a strain on the stove owner’s gasoline and the environment. The concept of the stove is to operate close to a possibly inexperienced owner to offset human mistake when attainable. HWAM has even been awarded the Nordic Ecolabel following subsequent strict environmental laws. The stove should comply with rigorous limits on regional air pollution and emissions of hazardous substances such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.
We are searching ahead to viewing the HWAM 3630 IHS in motion at the Wooden Stove DecathlonNovember 16-19, 2013. Vote for your favourite stove at Well-known Mechanics.

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Meet the Contestants SmartStove

With the initial Wood Stove Decathlononly a handful of months absent, we are undertaking weekly weblog posts to showcase the Decathlon teams and the innovative technologies they are developing.
The&nbspSmartStoveTM&nbspcontrol technique was developed to introduce really cost-effective, modern technology to wood-burning merchandise that seem to be locked in the past. SmartstoveTM makes use of a thermocouple, microprocessor, and controller to automate airflow throughout the combustion cycle of the stove. Hence, stoves are not allowed to smolder, not to overfire, but fairly to work at ideal temperatures.
In 1998, Dan McFarland, an electrical engineer, started heating his home with an EPA certified fireplace insert.&nbspAfter 6 many years of what began emotion like babysitting the stove, he searched the web for a control technique solution to get in excess of for him. Following getting it did not exist, he began formulating a strategy to develop his personal. In 2005, the first functioning proof-of-principle prototype exceeded his anticipations, reliably handling the draft handle for him, retaining the fireplace burning cleanse and maximizing the burn time. As Plato mentioned, “necessity is the mother of creation.”
With the encouragement of some near pals, McFarland continued the self-funded improvement of what developed into the clever and functional&nbspSmartStoveTM&nbspcontrol program, a effective gadget the dimension of a normal thermostat.
By the wintertime of 2006, he designed an upgraded technique that included proportional control of the insert’s blowers, enabling the program&nbspto&nbspefficiently&nbspmanage a hearth and also optimize heat transfer into the house, lowering the want for backup warmth on cold evenings.&nbsp
The up coming yr,&nbspSmartStoveTM&nbspmade its initial community appearance at the HPB Expo in Reno, Nev. While some expo attendees and fellow exhibitors could not picture computerized controls on a wood stove, other individuals ended up excited by the task and encouraged McFarland to keep on.
The adhering to yr, right after developing upgraded method architecture, a stove company requested to appraise the system on one of their new stove types. Right after delivering a stove completely retrofitted with&nbspSmartStoveTM, and excitement by the manufacturer about the good results of the undertaking, the subprime economic crisis stalled development as stove manufacturers moved to protect their finances. SmartStoveTM&nbspsystem was upgraded once more in 2010 to add a radio url among the Person Interface wall panel and the stove.
SmartStoveTM system is now shipped to folks who are looking, a lot like McFarland was, for a control program to integrate into their very own stoves.
SmartStoveTM&nbspwill be hosting an open up property and fundraiser, including demonstrations of the method, on Saturday, Oct. twelve. Even more information and updates about the system and&nbspevent will be accessible on the Inven Inc. website,&nbspTwitter,&nbspand&nbspFb.
We are hunting forward to viewing SmartStove in action at the Wooden Stove DecathlonNovember 16-19, 2013. Vote for your favourite stove at Well-liked Mechanics.

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Fulfill the Contestants Kimberly Stoves

With the initial Wooden Stove Decathlon only a few months away, we listed here at the Alliance for Environmentally friendly Heat have began a weekly weblog post to showcase the Decathlon competitors. Get this possibility to discover a lot more about the layout teams and their stove’s innovative attributes.
Kimberly may be small, petite even, but don’t undervalue her. Standing just more than two ft, the wood

stove will be a massive competitor this calendar year. The stove brings together a gasification chamber on the base and an afterburner on prime to melt away the smoke for a a lot more productive use of the gas. The many other features and accessories, these kinds of as a thermo electric powered generator and scorching h2o coils, assist make Kimberly even more desirable to customers.

Roger Lehet, designer and crew captain for the Decathlon, produced the stove with off-grid and crisis preparedness in thoughts. Straightforward to use and moveable, the most current types of the 56-pound stove can warmth up to 1500 ft2of well-insulated residing room. Nevertheless, it was originally made for heating tiny areas such as boats, RVs, and cabins. In fact, the initial edition of the Kimberly stove that Lehet at any time developed was employed for a boat.
In the course of the fiscal crisis, Lehet dropped his enterprise of 25 a long time as a wood stove seller. He misplaced his residence and a lot of of his possessions. Fiscally anchorless, he moved with his wife and daughter to reside on a boat floating on Puget Seem in Washington. When winter season arrived, the cold and the damp were unwelcomed visitors, inviting melancholy and mildew. The require for heat and dryness mothered a new stove, 1 that employed a modest quantity of gas to burn almost smokeless all night. Lehet used his knowledge of wooden fired merchandise to construct the first Kimberly. The family members could now warmth their boat, cook dinner all their foods, and heat water for sanitation and cooking.

Roger and Bridget Lehet
From there, without having a single mortgage, Kimberly stoves took off. Lehet now has had his EPA certified stove produced and offered for in excess of a year. He also has had great achievement in promoting his merchandise and productive household biomass heating in general. Lehet has attended the earlier two Mother Earth News Reasonable activities in Washington. The reasonable is meant to deliver practical, palms-on instruction, and encounter taught by foremost experts in renewable energy, natural and organic gardening, sustainable agriculture, and inexperienced residence developing. Lehet spoke on off-grid technologies this kind of as thermo electric powered era, wooden-fired in flooring heat, and domestic hot h2o.
We are searching ahead to viewing small Kimberly in motion at the Wood Stove DecathlonNovember sixteen-19, 2013. Vote for your favorite stove at Well-known Mechanics.

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