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Last Report on Wood Stove Decathlon from Brookhaven Lab

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Reproduced underneath are the absract and introduction of a seventeen-website page paper that provides an excellent overview of the specialized aspects of screening stoves on the Nationwide Mall for the Wood Stove Decathlon, held in November 2013. &nbspTo go through the whole report, click on listed here.

Progressive good particulate measurement systems for the Wood Stove Design Problem&nbsp
R. Trojanowski1, T. Butcher1, C. Brown1, G. Wei1, Y. Ahn2 , and J. Wong2&nbsp
one. Vitality Conversion Team, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York, United states of america&nbsp
two. Chemical and Molecular Engineering Office, Stony Brook College, Stony Brook, New York, United states of america&nbsp
The increasing price of fossil assets has contributed to the enhance in the amount of wooden-fired household heating appliances. Wood stoves are typically neglected by the community as a cleanse and renewable source owing to worries about particulate (PM) emissions. In purchase to achieve acceptance in the market the Alliance for Eco-friendly Heat and
Popular Mechanics magazine initiated a Wooden Stove Style Challenge (WSDC). The selected groups created stoves that included the greatest methods in style and procedure to maximize performance and reduce PM and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions given that most frequently high emissions are noticed as a result of incomplete combustion. Additional, a screening protocol for the obstacle was produced exclusively to measure the emissions in a non-laboratory environment. Normal screening procedures may possibly not be agent of in-use fuel and operational techniques and, thanks to the opposition location and timetable contstraints, could not be utilised for the WSDC. New transportable PM sampling technology introduced in the European market place recently was adopted for the competitors and evaluated to present U.S. PM measurement approaches to construct a correlation.&nbsp

Tom Butcher makes use of the Wohler transportable
particulate sampler to test a stove.
&nbspAs the value of heating oil has improved, much more people in the northeastern location of the United States have returned to heating with wooden. Most present wooden stoves date from ahead of the Environmental Security Agency (EPA) carried out emission certification demands for these products. These much less effective wooden stoves often cause higher amounts of smoke, yielding particulates identified to set off coughs, throat and mucosal irritation, acute respiratory bacterial infections, occurrence of asthma and other conditions over extended exposure. A evaluation from Bølling et al. described residential wood combustion has also been reported to contribute substantially to raised stages of air air pollution regionally, each with respect to enhanced stages of fine particles (particulate make a difference with an equal aerodynamic diameter &lt 2.5 μm PM2.five), the natural and organic particle portion, particle sure polycyclic fragrant hydrocarbons (PAH) and volatile organic compounds. Even people wooden stoves that do meet up with EPA’s Section II requirements might have unacceptably large emissions once in use. This is thanks to many factors like the style of the equipment,&nbspweather designs and location, combustion exercise, wood species and good quality, and operator habits. Whilst the EPA is establishing new laws, the take a look at strategy used for certification is not representative of in-use fueling and operational procedures.&nbsp
Types that enhance combustion and emission functionality, thermal effectiveness, and operational &nbsp
The Decathlon tent on the Nationwide
Shopping mall, in between the Capitol and
the Washington monument

variability are required in the U.S. heating marketplace. Modern wooden stoves have revealed diminished described emission aspects in contrast to typical wooden stoves, 34-330 mg/MJ from 50-2100 mg/MJ, respectively. Nevertheless, if the modern stoves are not operated appropriately the combustion overall performance can be compromised yielding increased emissions.

This function showcased superior systems that could help tackle the dilemma of enhanced particulate emissions and empower the continued use of wood as a renewable gasoline. The groups chosen arrived from various backgrounds, ranging from set up wooden stove companies to independent inventors and engineering pupil groups. Some of the stoves chosen for the WSDC were controlled by microprocessors and connected to smartphones whilst other folks were extremely-successful stoves primarily based on seventeenth century Scandinavian styles. A number of condition-of-the-art hybrid stoves that are previously on the industry ended up also included4. 6 of the twelve finalists have been from Europe.&nbsp
Groups had been judged on their innovation, emission and effectiveness overall performance, affordability and buyer relieve. In November 2013 on the National Mall in Washington D.C., ten judges (produced up of top experts from Popular Mechanics, the New York State Energy and Research Advancement Authority (NYSERDA), the U.S. Forest Support, Washington Point out Section of Ecology, DOE’s Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), The Biomass Thermal Strength Council (BTEC), the Osprey Basis, the Masonry Heater Association and UC Berkeley) examined and assessed the 12 stove finalists and announced an all round winner as properly as winners in certain classes.&nbsp
A essential challenge in this opposition was measuring the particulate emissions accurately in a discipline atmosphere. This task sought to create an energy effectiveness and emissions testing protocol for the WSDC which decreases the variability due to gas and functions. The present normal examination strategy (EPA Strategy 28) entails testing stoves utilizing a dilution tunnel. Given that the WSDC was held&nbspat the mall in Washington D.C., this take a look at strategy would not suit and so there was the&nbspchallenge of measuring the emissions in a repeatable actual-time way, in a non-laboratory atmosphere. Just lately, new moveable particulate measurement programs have been launched in Europe for area inspection of biomass heating systems. Two particular products were chosen for use in this project the Testo 380 and Wöhler SM 500. Equally analyzers are a low price selection and supply the advantage of relieve and portability.&nbsp
To establish the precision, precision, instrument variety, and applicability for use in the WSDC for thermal performance and emissions of these transportable immediate evaluate analyzers, an analysis was executed even though at the same time adhering to the regular methods for deciding the emissions. &nbspFrom laboratory screening, BNL created a screening protocol implementing the analyzers for the competition.

To go through the entire PDF report, click right here.

For far more information about the 2013 Decathlon, click here.

For details about the 2014 Collaborative Stove Design Workshop, click here.

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Screening Observations at the Wood Stove Decathlon

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By Norbert Senf
The Wood Stove Decathlon was a historic celebration. It was the 1st at any time attempt to get a selection of stoves in the discipline (practically, in this scenario) and take a look at them for particulate subject (PM) emissions.
Norbert Senf, right, with Neils Wittus,
heart, and John Ackerly
For one thing untried until now, the side-by-side area-screening can declare many firsts.&nbsp
It effectively in contrast stoves in a shocking range of groups which includes masonry heaters as well as retrofit kits. The undertaking was a success not only as a media function but also in advancing the actual planet tests of wood burning stoves.
Cordwood is an extremely difficult gasoline to get repeatable knowledge with simply because it is so inherently variable. To incorporate to the obstacle, PM is specifically difficult to measure, even in a laboratory. While the test results from the Decathlon ended up not adequate to offer PM numbers that allowed comparison with EPA quantities, they did allow a position of the stoves from every other. This is a considerable accomplishment in alone.
PM is the wooden gasoline pollutant of biggest desire given that it leads to the most public wellness considerations. Carbon monoxide (CO) is one more pollutant.&nbsp It is produced by incomplete combustion like PM, but it is a lot simpler to measure. It is usually not considered a overall health hazard in low atmospheric concentrations exterior of densely trafficked city locations, and sooner or later oxidizes to CO2 on its personal.

Owing to new wood burning emissions rules in Germany, two new moveable instruments for measuring PM in the subject ended up recently created there. Thankfully, this occurred just in time for the Decathlon to consider them out. The instruments are minimal to the 15-minute test cycle that is mandated in the German regulation, and as a result can only evaluate what occurs during a portion of the burn up. Measuring an whole examination cycle will definitely be a aim for foreseeable future Decathlons.

Frequent knowledge retains that minimal carbon monoxide (CO) emissions, which are easy to evaluate, will also make sure lower PM, which is hard to measure. The contest final results did not bear this out. The stove with the most affordable PM had the second highest CO. For the stove with the least expensive CO, there were 4 stoves with reduced PM. To be sure, the data set is restricted. The 15-minute check window did not enable for common values to be calculated in excess of the melt away of an whole gas load.
Repeatability is a single of the most crucial actions of information quality. Considering that each stove in the Decathlon gained two (in theory) similar take a look at runs, we can get a transient glimpse here, as effectively. Discarding obvious outliers, we see a coefficient of variation (CV) in repeat operates of forty three% on PM, 40% on CO and seven% on efficiency. This compares favorably with EPA inter-laboratory repeatability scientific studies, in which the two stoves with the biggest info sets equally arrived in at forty four% CV on PM. For masonry heaters, an MHA (Masonry Heater Affiliation) laboratory research on repeatability with dimensional lumber fuel cribs yielded 10% CV on PM, 1.5% on CO, and .26% on effectiveness.
The repeatability metric provides a useful baseline for judging information good quality in long term decathlons. There is an ongoing fueling protocol debate in the testing group among the repeatability achievable with fuel cribs, and the actual world randomness of cordwood. EPA screening is at present done with cribs. To get a repeatable EPA cordwood number could need running a big number of (costly) laboratory examination operates and taking an average. To day, very minor function has been carried out to offer information for both facet of the discussion.
All in all, the Wood Stove Decathlon was a wonderful energy in the direction of advancing our understanding about how wooden stove emissions compare in the real globe. This was notably beneficial to see for various lessons of appliances with no frequently outlined EPA tests approaches.
Useful lessons and insights have been had for developing a long term obstacle. Seeing the complicated tests issues enjoy out in true life was a distinctive academic chance for contestants, organizers, judges, regulators and the testing group by itself.

Norbert Senf was 1 of the 10 judges at the Wood Stove Decathlon. He joined early efforts to publish codes and requirements, and was a founding member of the Masonry Heater Affiliation of North America (MHA). He presently chairs the MHA Technical Committee.

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A Brief Examination of Stoves at the Wooden Stove Decathlon

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The threat of naming a winner at a opposition like this is that the a lot of achievements of the non-winners obtain little emphasis. Here we list the best 6 stoves in every single classification: General Overall performance, Innovation, Affordability, Particulate Matter Emissions, Performance, Marketplace Attractiveness and Carbon Monoxide Emissions. We attempt to note the […]

Woodstock Soapstone, Travis and Wittus Win the Wood Stove Decathlon

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FOR Quick Release: November twenty, 2013 Woodstock Soapstone, Travis and Wittus&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Acquire the Wood Stove Decathlon Catalytic, Masonry and Electronically Managed Stoves Display Higher Final results in Screening Washington D.C. – In an intercontinental opposition to significantly reduce air pollution from wooden stoves on the Nationwide Shopping mall, a single finalist, Woodstock Soapstone of New […]

Position of Stoves at Wooden Stove Decathlon

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The Wooden Stove Decathlon judges and professionals have accomplished one particular spherical of emissions and efficiency on 8 out of twelve of the stoves in the opposition. Every single stove will have at minimum two exams and the outcomes will be averaged. (See our previous submit explaining how the stoves in the competition are scored.) […]

Wood Stove Decathlon puts concentrate on policy towards wooden and pellet heating

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MEDIA ADVISORY for November 15-19, 2013 Get in touch with:&nbsp Patricia Brooks,, (202) 351-1757 Subsequent Technology Wood Stove Competitors Coming to National Shopping mall Opposition places focus on plan toward America’s most common renewable energy Washington D.C. – An intercontinental competitors getting held on the Nationwide Mall from November 15 – 19 to make […]

Media Advisory: Wooden Stove Decathlon to Encourage New Wave of Renewable Energy Generation

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West Penn Energy Sustainable Strength Fund Aids Support the Wooden Stove Decathlon

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The Alliance for Eco-friendly Warmth and the West Penn Electrical power Sustainable Vitality Fund (WPPSEF) are operating jointly on the Wood Stove Decathlon to support make reasonably priced wood stoves cleaner and much more effective. Wooden heat is a crucial supply of renewable strength for homes across the state of Pennsylvania and during the mid-Atlantic […]

Guiding the Scenes Look at the Wood Stove Decathlon

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The guide-up to most huge functions is entire of organizing, fundraising and trying to foresee the sudden.&nbsp The value for running the Wooden Stove Decathlon alone is daunting: this occasion would price north of $ 250,000 in challenging expenses – not like salaries of personnel – but the generosity of so numerous in and outside […]

Wood Stove Decathlon Set for Nov. 15th – nineteenth on Countrywide Mall

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The Wooden Stove Decathlon will be held on the National Shopping mall in Washington D.C .from Friday November 15th to Tuesday the nineteenth. Modeled right after the DOE’s Photo voltaic Decathlon, the Wood Stove Decathlon is an international opposition to design and create the most innovative and reasonably priced up coming era wooden stove. The […]