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Congress to Extend Wood Heater Tax Credit through 2016

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Labs test wood and pellet heaters forefficiency and ones that are 75% efficiency or  higher  can qualifyfor the $ 300 tax credit. The United States Congress is on the verge on finalizing a massive omnibus spending bill that would fund the government and provide tax breaks to businesses and individuals.  Among them is the $ 300 […]

Legislation repealing EPA wood heater regulations passes House of Representatives; Obama promises veto

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29 Republican House memberssponsored the bill to repeal the newEPA heater regulations An energy bill passed the House of Representatives with an amendment that repeals the EPA’s new residential wood heater regulations.  The bill is not likely to pass the Senate and President Obama vowed to veto it, if it comes to his desk.  The […]

EPA takes step towards a “green label” for wood and pellet heaters

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The EPA issued its long-awaited voluntary hangtag, which will help consumers identify the cleanest burning wood and pellet heaters on the market. Only manufacturers who make stoves and boilers that already meet the stricter 2020 emissions standards can use the hangtag. The hangtag is a major step towards a “green” or “eco-label” for wood and […]

US government projects continued increase in wood and pellet heating

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On October 6, the US government agency responsible for tracking energy supply and usage released its annual winter fuels outlook. The report predicted that next winter will be warmer than average but energy prices will be lower. Consequently, consumers are expected to pay 10 – 20% less on their household heating than last winter.  The […]

Government Report Says Wood & Pellet Heat Dominates Residential Renewables

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The 2014 Winter Fuel Outlook released by the US Energy Information Agency on Oct. 7, predicted that wood and pellet heating would continue the trend of being the nation’s fasting growing heat source.  Overall, wood and pellet heating grew 38% from 2004 to 2013, and now accounts for 2.5% of all home primary heating. The […]

Automated Wood Stove Features Entering the Marketplace

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This year there are at least half a dozen stoves on the market that have some automated feature that didn’t exist on the market a few years ago. Many of these features help the stove burn somewhat cleaner, and are aiming at a demographic looking for easier operation. It’s still too early to tell how […]

Dec. 4 Webinar: Best Practices in Wood and Pellet Stove Programs

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The University of Maryland Extension Woodland Stewardship Education program will host a one-hour webinar on Thursday, December 4th from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. to provide an overview of the “best practices” in wood and pellet stove incentive programs across the United States.  Sign up here. As renewable energy programs grow around the country, more […]

Rookie Wood Stove Makers Get Highest Score in Design Workshop

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Taylor Myers and RyanFisher with the Mulciber,the highest ranking stove. A stove designed and built by graduate engineering students received the  highest score in an international Stove Design Workshop focused on automated wood stove technology.  The goal of the event was to assess innovative technologies that can help stoves reduce real-world emissions that result from […]

Old-timey wood stoves need to get new-timey if we really want to make use of them

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Monday, December 8, 2014Nashua Telegraphby David Brooks Tom Butcher from Brookhaven Lab,second from right, tests an automated stove from New Zealand. Ben Myren,left, did R&D work on it. I don’t think very hard when I light up the old wood-burning stove in my basement. Turns out, that might be a problem. “Combustion technology is incredibly complex. […]

EPA Declines to Release Efficiency Data on Wood Pellet Stoves

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On Thursday, the EPA said it would not release efficiency data on pellet stoves, one of the most popular renewable energy technologies in American homes.  About one million homes use pellet stoves in the United States, yet none of the major stove manufacturers disclose the tested efficiency of their products.  The EPA recently set stricter […]